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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 7, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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issue, it's a society issue. he's calling for stiffer sentences. there's been a confession in a haunting cold case dating back 27 years. danny hinrich admitted he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed jacob wetterling. his body was found on saturday. the confession came as part of a deal which will put henrich behind bars for 20 years. jacob's mother said our hearts are rting. for us, jacob was alive until we
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bill cosby is set for trial. the judge set a june deadline for the trial to start. the big question now is whether 13 additional accusers will be allowed to testify. we have more. >> reporter: bill cosby back in court tuesday learning he will go to trial in june of 2017 to face charges of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea at his home in 2004. prosecutors saying they hope to have 13 cosby accusers testify the victim's mother. >> the call should come in. it was a call made into canada, and it was legally obtained there. we should be able to use it. >> reporter: cosby's lawyers trying to keep that evidence out of the case. wanting to suppress several days of testimony cosby gave in the accuser's lawsuit where he acknowledged giving her pills and wine before what he calls a
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victim of racial bias and prejudice. saying he's been tried in the court of public opinion. >> to accept the assumption of guilty by numbers or guilt by volume is really the same thing as accepting the assumption of guilt before innocence. >> reporter: the judge did not rule on whether the other accusers could testify. under pennsylvania law they could be allowed to testify to show an alleged pattern of behavior even if no charges were were filed. abc news, los angeles. >> thanks a lot. now to the weather. hurricane newton is moving up the baja california, peninsula, causing damage and power outages. two people dead and three missing after a shrimp boat capsized in the gulf of california. newton is expected to reach the u.s. border as a tropical storm by midday today. parts of arizona and new mexico will get several inches of rain
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and landslides. and a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a rip current swept away an 11-year-old boy and his stepfather in lake michigan. a former lifeguard walking on the beach saw the two were struggling in the world. sherry talcott grabbed a life jacket and brought it out to the pair while an alert boater pulled up next to them. the boy and his dad are doing fine. thousands of students are learning their future education is in jeopardy. itt tech has announced it is permen campuses nationwide. the company blames a recent move by the department of education to ban itt from enrolling students who use federal financial aid. the school also cut more than 8,000 jobs immediately. and after weeks of anticipation, we could finally see the new iphone today. apple is expected to unveil the iphone 7 at its annual september announcement event. analysts predicted the new phone will not have a headphone jack and will require wireless headphones or some kind of
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the phone is expected to have a dual camera feature and upgraded programs and the company is also expected to unveil a second generation apple watch. and this may send more gold diggers to california. a prospector found a gold nugget the size of a t-bone steak. it weighs 18 ounces and could be worth $70,000 when melted down. >> and the prospector isn't saying exactly where he found the nugget and is not giving interviews. the california drought has sparked a gold rush with more dried-up river beds. i take issue with the t-bone steak things. >> why? >> i don't know where you come from, but i expect them to be bigger than that. if i got that at a restaurant, i'd be upset. >> is it the weight or the size? we're splitting hairs here. more importantly -- >> i just want everybody to know if they serve me a t-bone steak, i hope it's bigger. >> i'm going back to california and looking for gold. >> i'll await my new jewelry.
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it's the most fantastic feeling when you do the shake around and you see -- >> i used to do it in my sand box when i was a little kid. >> the real things -- honestly, you burst with excitement when you see the specks of gold. >> i kind of want to go do it. >> you should. coming up, a frightening crash caught on camera. >> don't blink. you might miss it. the truck slams right into the water. we'll have the full story on why wen we come back. and media sensations cramming up people with their instagram posts. who are the guys behind the jerry phenomenon, and how did they turn their hobby into an empire? remember to find us on facebook,, and twitter at abcwnn. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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the driver of this pickup truck survived after going into a river. you can see the vehicle hit the sign post and fly off the bank. witnesses helped the driver get out of the car. he suffered a medical issue which caused him to lose control. he's okay. further south, different images of a young man whose life was shattered two months ago by an explosive device in central park. >> he's picked himself up and he's headed back to school this morning. here's david muir. >> reporter: he was visiting new york city walking with friends in central park on a sunday morning when it happened.
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enthusiast and eagle scout, a college star, stepping on something that exploded. his foot was lost, then his leg below the knee. his friends, parents, his community back in fairfax, virginia, setting up a gofundme page to pay the medical bills. he's gone back to school. his first steps on a prosthetic leg. posting this picture, he writes, "it is a beautiful things to see how many people are by my side when a tragedy like this strikes. you'll s the photo. that's not just because i'm happy to begin walking again. it's also because i'm grateful for the huge amount of love and caring that's taken me from the shock of july 3rd in central park." that smile and connor writing he is forever grateful. david muir, abc news, new york. still unclear, who made that explosive device, who left it there. >> the cops think it was some sort of person experimenting. and when it didn't detonate, they discarded it thinking it was a dud. still no arrests in the case.
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hour, the jackpot-sized settlement for gretchen carlson. the fox news anchor and host is walking away with $20 million and a public policy after suing roger ailes for sexual harassment. he walked away with $40 million. and now a key ailes supporter is also leaving fox. first, talk about loving your work. we'll check out one group of men making millions by spending their days posting on instagram. you're watching "world news now." ays posting on instagram. you're watch "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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it sounds like a dream job. spending your days posting jokes on instagram. many of us do it already, only we don't get paid for it.
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late 20s, it's not just for fun. it's big business. it's the engine behind a branding team making millions. we're "up all nightline" with abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: making memes is what 25-year-old elliott tibelli does for a living. he created the now famous instagram account, the four all right word we can't say, jerry. >> i like to post things people normally can't say out loud. you read it relatable. >> reporter: like when you're feeling fat after a long weekend. or when you're at work, checking the time. all those posts heard around the internet got their viral start here. in five years his instagram account has amassed nearly 10 million followers. it's helped turn his memes into money with corporate sponsored posts. it began five years ago when elliot said he was bored and started posting pictures. >> i was at home chilling on my
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i love jerry seinfeld. i love seinfeld. i don't know why i called it peep beep to be honest. i never planned on it to be popular or a business. >> she said i want to rock an announcement. >> reporter: now a social media empire. headquartered here in new york ci city, ten full-time employees. including his childhood friend and partner, ellie balas. here in their offices, memes equal big money. 90% of their followers are between the age of 16 and 35. experts estimate top social media influences like elliot and his team are making upwards of $75,000 per branded post on instagram. they also launched their own online business, jerry's world. selling everything from $55 flip-flops to a $40,000 dog. even $500,000 indoor swimming
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the latest adventure -- >> disaster girl. >> reporter: a card game funded by kickstarter called "what do you meme?" >> this is kind of the cards against humanity, 2.0 version. >> you're going to pick a photo card from a deck. everyone else playing goes through their seven caption cards and they try to decide what the funniest combination is. when you're proving a point text and see the three dots appearing and disappearing because you're right. >> that's good. >> reporter: no one is off limits. meme this. the meme magic continues to a presidential contender. >> when he tells you he loves you after the second date. interesting. >> reporter: proving your worth one meme at a time. >> write that down. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in new york. i don't understand. i'm going to go to california and look for gold. >> you don't think you can hack it as a joke poster on
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>> i don't understand. i'm too old. >> you have a pretty good job
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it's time for the it's time for "the mix" and my favorite, favorite story of the week. so yvette vasquez is a single mom, showed up with her son at school, elijah. showed up at school, realized around today. it was donuts with dad day. his dad is not in the picture. she went home, got a false mustache, a baseball cap, and a plaid shirt, and went to donuts with dad with her boy so he wouldn't be alone. >> that's a good picture. >> isn't that awesome? when i was a kid we had dads and sons cricket day, and my dad never showed up once for that. that might be why this story tickles me, and i may have revealed too much about why i'm a weird dude, and maybe we
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we'll do that. i bring you to mike boyd. he developed a following by showing how he learns how to do things quickly. called learn quick. he uses a sink or swim approach. in the latest episode, he decides to teach himself how to pick a lock by locking himself into his garage. here we see mike destroying the only key, he says that would get him out of the garage. >> okay. so he's locked himself in. and if he can't figure out how to get get out. >> game over. he then at some point feels a little less confident. he starts exploring what he has to eat, but 47 minutes, and he learns how to pick a lock. >> the only treats were sweet potatoes and whiskey. >> he looked at his options if he was stuck in there. you can do worse than sweet potatoes and whiskey. >> that's a way of doing it, forcing yourself to do it.
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well done, mate. well done! 47 minutes and he's done. now next we're going to australia where in honor of gene wilder, a restaurant created an over-the-top willie wonka burger. there's gene wilder. i'd love to see the burger. look. >> it's colorful. >> i do not think i'd want to eat that. ? doesn't color kind of impact how you taste something? when you look at something, and that, to me, looks like a bizarre mushroom. >> it's a pure imagination burger. ? you'd rather imagine it than eat it? >> yeah. first day of school brings mixed emotions. some parents are upset. some parents are excited. some kids are excited. others not so much. that was never captured better than this new photo making the rounds on the internet. these are two brothers. their parents asked them to hold up signs on their first day of school. the one on the right said he'll only do it if it says i hate school.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump offering to release his tax returns if hillary clinton releases all her e-mails. this as his running mate mike pence says he's releasing his taxes this week. we'll hear from the republican ticket in a brand new interview just ahead. carlson has reached a $20 million settlement in her sexual harassment lawsuit against roger ailes. she's also been given an unprecedented public apology from 21st century fox. the full story later this half hour. and new this half hour, another blank space for taylor swift. >> she is shaking off another love interest, so could it be that she and tom hiddleston are never, ever getting back together? >> nice. and it was a big night in
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men at a star-studded gala. "g.q." magazine handed out its 2016 men of the year award. who won woman of the year? the full story is ahead in "the skinny" on this wednesday, september 7th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm nick watt. we begin with the latest round of attacks and challenges on the campaign trail. >> mixed message from donald trump. first he told fox news that he will release his taxes immediately if hillary clinton releases all her e-mails, but then he seemed to back pedal saying he'll release them after his audit is complete. >> the race is statistically tied, and trump is expressing confidence about winning a key state that could hand him the election. and he had more to say with david muir. >> reporter: 20 days until the first big debate.
3:02 am
so. i think so. sure. i'm prepping. maybe not in the traditional way. when i had the debates, i had 11 debates with the, as you know, in the primaries. and i was very satisfied. everybody else was very satisfied with the way i did, and i think i'm working the same way i did there. >> reporter: but this will be a lot different. this will be two candidates on the stage. it won't be the list during the primary. >> we started off with 17, and in the end there was just a few left. it's not that much different. >> reporter: any mock debates? >> haven't thought about it much. it could happen, but i haven't given it much thought. >> reporter: you just traveled to mexico. hillary clinton is also in ohio as you know told us a short time ago that you choked. that the idea of mexico paying for the wall has been central to your campaign. did you choke? >> let me tell you about choking. i don't choke. she chokes. look at the deals she's made. she's responsible for so many bad things that have happened to our country, including the
3:03 am
jobs. i've been given a-plus, including by you people, but a pluses for the job i did in mexico, and the fact is mexico will pay for the wall. it was discussed that it wouldn't be discussed, but they know my stance and i know theirs. >> reporter: did the mexican president break his word in talking about it? >> we had ground rules. that's okay. see who wins in the end. we'll win. 100% they'll pay for the wall. >> reporter: let me ask y saying trump could find it difficult for families who have been here for 15 years, to throw them out of the country dhampt th -- country. that that is the america that donald trump doesn't want. >> he's 100% right. it's a difficult thing to do. what we're going to do is we're going to build a tremendously strong and powerful border. people are going to come in but legally.
3:04 am
the bads, the gang members, the drug lords and all the different people that are here that shouldn't be here. we're going to clean things up. once we have a secure border, totally secure, we're going to take a look at the people that you're talking about. >> reporter: does that mean that some of the 11 million undocumented immigrants will be allowed to stay? >> it could be, but what's going to happen is if you're going to be a citizen, you're going to have to leave and you're going to have to come in. we're going -- we have thousands and thousands of people waiting in line. it's very unfair to put people ahead of the line. we have right now thousands -- they've been waiting ten years to come into the country. it's very unfair to take people and have them circumvent the line. >> reporter: and if they don't want to become a citizen? >> we'll have to make a determination when the border is secure. >> reporter: you're open to them staying undocumented? >> i'm going to make a decision or somebody will, whether it's me or somebody else, because depending on the time, we'll have a secure border, we'll have a wall and will have stopped the drugs pouring into the country.
3:05 am
very appropriate to have lots of interest in what a president donald trump will do on illegal immigration. he put the issue of illegal immigration at the center of the national debate. but what i'd like to see is more clarity about hillary clinton's plan. >> clinton and trump are appearing back to back in a forum on national security and at a rally in florida, clinton called trump's campaign an insult to veterans saying he sometimes has no clue what he's talking about military issues. earlier she told trump bungled his trip to mexico. >> it's been the mission of his whole campaign, to democraton -- demonize mexicos, to call them rapists and criminals and stirred up bad feelings about hard working people, and he didn't raise it, so he did choke. >> clinton also told reporters that trump sometimes gets a pass because people expect less from him.
3:06 am
in laos that treats survivors of bombs the country dropped during the vietnam. yesterday the president announced that the u.s. would double spending on bomb-clearing efforts in laos. the president is expected to tour a temple and hold a town hall meeting with young people. now to an update to the story on the deadly nightclub shooting in orlando. the last survivor still remaining in the hospital of the pulse shooting has been released. at one time they were treating 35 victims of the shooting. at the patient's request, no personal information was provided one of the nation's highest profile cold cases. the disappearance of jacob wetterling. a man behind bars told a man how he kidnapped, sexually assaulted and killed the boy decades ago. elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: family and friends of jacob wetterling have been holding on to hope, praying for a miracle.
3:07 am
it's incredibly pain to feel know his last days, last hours, last minutes. >> reporter: but now the suspect confessing in court. authorities hope jacob's loved ones find peace. >> we know the truth. danny hinrich is no longer a person of interest. he is the confessed murderer of jacob wetterling. >> last week an 11-year-old boy named jacob wetterling was kidnapped from the streets of minnesota. >> reporter: he was kidnapped back in 1989, the case growing cold until just last week when hinrich who has been questioned in connection with to several child sex assault cases in minnesota and now in jail on child pornography charges agreed to a plea deal, leading investigators to jacob's remains. in court hinrich admitted he sexually abused jacob and shot him twice and buried his remains twice to cover his tracks. >> i would love to talk to you all.
3:08 am
for us, jacob was alive until we found him. >> reporter: and as part of that deal reached with prosecutors, hinrich pleaded guilty to 5 federal child pornography charge and can be sentenced to 20 years in prison. >> thank you. former stanford university swimmer brock turner is a registered sex offender. he registered east of his home in dayton, ohio. the sheriff said he filled out and signed forms in public, quote, the same as everyone else. turner's mother tried to block the view of the cameras. turner was convicted of three counts of sexual assault and served three months in prison. the coach of team usa hockey has a message for players who might want to sit or kneel during the national anthem. his message -- don't. he tells espn if any of his players sits on the bench during the anthem, they'll be sitting
3:09 am
quarterback colin kaepernick to kneel during the national anthem. and internet jokesters are having a field day after president obama's 90-second meeting earlier with vladimir putin. >> whatever the world leaders were thinking, it appears there was an epic stare-down. >> someone saw it as a lovers tiff before they kissed and made up. >> another artist, the weigh-in before the heavyweight title fight. >> maybe "rocky 4." >> and we can't forget the crying jordans. >> can't have a meme without crying jordans. >> i'm going to go as vladimir putin for halloween this year. shirtless on a horse. >> there you go. >> he's the perfect villain. he's funny but then scary mary. >> everyone with recognize you. i'm not sure many people will want to invite you with a horse to their party. >> i'm not sure about my hair. maybe a swim cap.
3:10 am
as well. coming up, apparently everything has changed for taylor swift. the singer is shaking off her boyfriend after three months. why she says he no longer belongs with her. and the stunning admission from the boss. what bruce springsteen told "vanity fair" about his battle with depression. the full story is ahead in "the skinny." first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by "world news now" weather
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parachute is bringing a record-setting astronaut back to earth. they spent two months on the international space station. they landed in kazakhstan just after sunsets. in four missions, the 58-year-old williams is now 534 days in orbit. the most time in space for any american. tomorrow nasa will launch a robot probe to a near earth asteroid. the plan is for the robot to survey the surface, retrieve surface material and bring it back to earth for analysis. the roundtrip is expected to take seven years and help shed light on how life got started on earth and the movement of asteroids. former fox news anchor gretchen carlson and fox have reached a $20 million settlement in her sexual harassment lawsuit against former news chief roger ailes. >> and it's a settlement that comes with an unprecedented public apology. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: two months after
3:15 am
against fox news' top boss, roger ailes, gretchen carlson reaching a $20 million settlement with 21st century fox. the fox news parent company apologizing, "we sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all our colleagues deserve." the evidence in the suit including conversations with ailes she secretly recorded on her cell phone. "i want to thank all the brave women who their own stories and the people across the country who embraced and support me." >> i want to support all women who have been victims of sexual harassment. >> reporter: sources telling abc news the company has also settled with a handful of other women who came forward with their own allegations against ailes. and fox news announcing one of several anchors who voiced support for ailes is leaving the network. greta van susteren writing on facebook, "fox has not felt like
3:16 am
roger ailes has denied the claims and had no comment. he left fox news in july with a $40 million severance package. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. when we come back, the stunning admission by bruce springsteen. and who won the woman of the year award at this year's "g.q." men of the year awards. year awards. "the skinny" is next. >> "world news now" continues
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3:18 am
? ? ? ? skinny so skinny ? it's time now for "the skinny" starting with the startling admission from bruce springsteen. >> the 66-year-old rocker has opened up in a detailed cover story with "vanity fair" about his painful relationship with his troubled father as well as the legacy of depression he inherited from his dad. >> he also revealed that over the years he's medication and therapy to keep his mental health on an even keel as well as assistance from his wife of 25 years. >> springsteen and his band are wrapping up their 2016 river tour dates this month as he works on a new album of original songs set for release next year. >> the story comes ahead of his memoir "born to run" which hits
3:19 am
? baby we were born to run ? >> it is. it is. i'm with you on that one. next to special honors across the pond. you love stories across the pond. >> at a star-studded ceremony last night in london, "g.q." magazine honored the man of the year for 2016. >> actor ricky gervais looking trimmer than ever in a fitted back suit was presented with the genius award by fellow actor sir patrick stewart. >> chris pine took home the award for international man of the year showing how far he has come since he first appeared in an episode of "e.r." in 2003. >> i love chris pine. 83-year-old michael cane after 50 years and 115 films won legend of the year. he's played himself in all the movies. >> and he does such a good job.
3:20 am
the doors off! >> very good. >> thank you very much. >> grayson perry appearing as his alter ego, claire, took home the award for writer of the year. >> and who else but amy schumer could have walked away with the woman of the year award as she quipped, finally, we're celebrating males. next, to another amazing woman announcing the release of her autobiography. >> fresh off her olympics success, four-time gold medalist simone biles is memoir, telling the full story behind her rise from prodigy to champion. >> reporter: the 19-year-old's autobiography co-written by michelle burford hits bookstores november 15th. >> she's set tor on "good morning america" for a pizza party and to discuss with robin roberts what she'll be doing as she takes a year off. that's later this morning right here on abc. she's a big fan of pizza. >> is she? >> yeah. the whole team. >> because she's been denied pizza for four years. >> the whole team after they were won and done, they said
3:21 am
they said, we want to eat pizza. >> good for them. and finally, he said he'd slash his wrists than do another james bond film. >> but now sony bosses are upping the ante, reportedly offering daniel craig a staggering $150 million to shoot two more 007 movies. >> rumors have suggested that his replacement is imminent, but insiders say sony is desperate to keep craig in the role for another two films to allow them time to phase in a longer term successor. h >> it was last year at he said he'd rather slash his wrists than do another bond film. he added a caveat that if he did it, he would do it only for the money. stay tuned. >> well, hiddleston, he has extra time on his hands now that he doesn't have a girlfriend to worry about it. coming up the new blank space in taylor swift's heart. >> what we're learning about taylor swift's breakup with tom
3:22 am
now." ? ugh, this pimple's gonna last forever. oh come on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you forever. stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! see what i'm sayin acne won't last. but for now, let's be clear. clearasil works fast. this back to school, limited time offer
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? ? ? i'll write your name ? there's a new blank space in taylor swift's heart this morning. >> the love story we all thought would last forever and ever is no more. tayl s call it quits after three months. >> reporter: it seems the celebrity couple of the summer, hiddleswift, has broken up. ? taylor swift is reportedly shaking off another breakup. this time parting ways with british beau, tom hiddleston. their romance began in june. ? from there the new romantics
3:26 am
there were whispers of an impending engagement. ? but taylor swift has a reputation for romances that crash and burn and then become hits. her breakups from a-list exes like john mayer, jake gyllenhaal, and the singer from one direction are rumored to have inspired singles. but fans still taking the news of her latest split hard. reacting on twitter, if if they can't make it, none of us can. and could my life be worse? it's over? but many looking for silver lining. could this blank space in swift's life turn into a source of material for her next album? ? i've got a blank space baby and i'll write your name ? >> reporter: byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> i'm making a blank space on my shelf for her new album. >> she needs to stop dating >> that the problem? >> yeah.
3:27 am
his face. find a nice american boy. >> a big, huge fan of his. apparently she didn't love his love of the spotlight. apparently he enjoyed it a little bit too much. >> i love when byron pitts has to do stories like that. he brings that awesome gravitas that he has to hiddle-swift. two members of our own abc family did something remarkable yesterday. >> national parking the premiere of the landmark 20th season of "the new york city's empire state building in the show's official colors of blue and orange. >> it came as new york mayor bill de blasio appeared and officially named yesterday, september 6th "the view" day in new york city. >> his wife, and the said the view exemplifies the creativity boldness that defines our great city. >> don't miss us on facebook at
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good morning. i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines this morning on "world news now." the race for the white house is now tighter than ever. and donald trump and hillary clinton are stepping up their attacks. she says he has no clue about military issues, and he says her e-mail controversy disqualifies president obama has visited a temple and holding a town hall-style meeting with young people. and a judge in the bill cosby case decided he'll stand trial and is diding whether to allow testimony from 13 women who claimed they were drugged and sexually assaulted by cosby. his attorney says that violates
3:31 am
no later than june, 2017. apple is expected to unveil the new iphone 7, apple watch 2, and headphones with upgrades. those are some of the top stories on this wednesday, september 7th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we begin this half hour with donald trump and hillary clinton running neck and neck in the latest poll. >> the candidates are preparing to talk national security tonight set to appear separately on a forum. they've been taking their best shots on theampaign trail ahead of their first debate later this month. it's "your voice, your vote." and we get the latest from abc's karen travers. >> reporter: it's the final sprint to election day. donald trump on the trail in north carolina. >> and in 62 days we're going to win this state, and we're going
3:32 am
>> reporter: hillary clinton campaigning in the always critical state of florida. >> donald trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our president. >> reporter: earlier before an audience of veterans, trump blasting clinton on foreign policy. >> putin looks at hillary clinton and smiles. boy, would he like to see her. >> reporter: but the clinton kman out with a pre-- campaign out with a preemptive strike. this new ad titled "sacrifice." >> i know more about isis than the generals do. >> built great structures. >> reporter: and less than three week before a potentially game-changing moment, the first presidential debate. trump telling abc's david muir he's prepping but -- >> maybe not in the traditional ways. when i had the debates -- i had 11 debates in the primaries, and i was very satisfied. >> reporter: and clinton? >> i am certainly focused because donald trump announces he won every debate in the
3:33 am
>> reporter: a new national poll from cnn shows the race a dead heat. hillary clinton is leading in several of the key battleground states that will decide this election. but nick and diane, if the national polls continue to tighten, don't be surprised if the state polls tighten, as well. we have breaking news from las vegas. a murder suspect who escaped police custody has been recaptured. alonzo perez was part of an intense manhunt by both police and the fbi. he was arrested at a las vegas home. last week he managed to escape from an interrogation room by breaking his handcuffs. he's suspected of killing a man outside a mcdonald's. the obama administration has acknowledged a $1.7 million payment to iran earlier this year was made in cash. the treasury department says the payment in non-u.s. currency was necessary because sanctions had isolated iran from the international financial system. the money was a settlement for
3:34 am
the white house insists it was not ransom for the release of american hostages. the administration later acknowledges it was used as leverage. another hurricane is expected to arrive in the u.s. today but this time in the southwest. newton made landfall in california's baja peninsula and is moving north now. it should reach the u.s. border around midday bringing heavy rain to arizona, new mexico, and possibly flash flooding and mudslides. by that time, it may only be tropical storm. and a storm system that was once hurricane hermine is not expected to come ashore, but it will remain off the northeast coast. heavy surf and seas will continue to create dangerous conditions in and on the water. and erosion and coastal flooding are possible, as well. the worst is winds as high as 50 miles per hour on the new england coast. eye man already behind bars has confessed to the kidnap and murder of jacob wetterling who disappeared 25 years ago. danny heinrich made the
3:35 am
part of a plea deal which will send him to prison for 20 years. jac jacob's body was found last week based on information provided by heinrich. jacob's parents had held out hope that he would be found alive. >> i would love to talk to you all. i'm just not ready yet. because for us, jacob was alive until we found him. >> jacob's parents worked on behalf on missing children, and his mother says that l live on. brock turner is now listed as a sex offender for life. the former stanford university swimmer has registered in his home state of ohio. we have the latest. >> reporter: brock turner met by cameras as he arrived at the greene county sheriff's office on tuesday morning. his mother doing her best to shield him as he enters. for the rest of his life every
3:36 am
tier-three sex offender. the former stanford university swimmer was released from a california jail friday after serving half his six month sentence for felony sexual assault. a critic many felt was too lenient for his crime. turner faced up to 14 years behind bars for his assault on an unconscious woman. the judge behind turner's sentencing decision, aaron persky, no longer hearing criminal cases and facing a recall campaign. >> i think he should have been in there longer than three months and longer than six months. if he wouldn't have gotten out early. i think he should have been there for the rest of his life. >> reporter: in his ohio neighborhood, protesters showing signs of anger as those who live there now feel they've lost their sense of comfort. >> when i bought my house, the number-one thing i looked at before i did was the sex offender registry list. there were none in here. >> reporter: because of this case, lawmakers in california have passed legislation that require a mandatory prison sentence, not
3:37 am
assaulting an unconscious person. abc news, los angeles. >> thanks a lot. a texas man living in mexico is now recovering after being bitten by a crocodile. friends say jonathan shoneman was spearfishing last week in cancun when the attack happened. he suffered critical injuries to his face, neck and jaw. doctors say it is a miracle he survived. his family is hoping he will be well enough to fly to houston this week. itas the wild west but with suvs. armed bank robbery suspects tried to outrun cops and firing fire at cops as they drove. after a chase the police ran the suspects off the road. but then there was a gunfight. one of the men was killed. two others are in custody. luckily no police were injured. in connecticut this is the result after a suspected drunk driver crashed through a fence and into a building. the car was sticking into the
3:38 am
police say the guy ran off, but they caught up with him a short time later. yesterday we talked about a woman who crashed her car into a lake after jumping out because of a spider. the insect dropped out of the car's visor onto her lap. that was in australia. something similar happened in texas. >> this time it was a mouse. the driver felt it brush against her leg and jumped out, but she left the car and gear and it ended up in the bay. the woman is fine. no word on the mouse. >> a lot of think, you got out of the car? and they ask why not get back in, but apparently that's a big mistake. often that makes these end in a bigger tragedy when you try to get back in. >> you shouldn't jump back? >> don't get back in the car unless the car is headed toward somebody else, and then you might have to make a call. >> i walked into my office and there was a rat in my office. i had to edge around him so he was between me and the door. >> you had to edge around him? >> like this. because the rat was there.
3:39 am
>> you decided to -- >> i edged around him, and then clapped furiously. >> did he clap back? no. >> rats don't clap. >> apparently the police spokesman said cars end up in this bay all the time. you might want to consider new roads or street signs. the driver says she's really embarrassed. >> and she should be. >> mice can be scary. we get it. coming up, he's not old enough to walk or crawl, so how could this hanging ten? the baby whose parents say he's now the youngest waterskier in the world. and tom hanks drops in on "gma" to discuss his portrayal of one of america's most distinguished heros. what hanks had to say about captain sully as well as "gma's" newest co-host, michael strahan.
3:40 am
"world news now" weather
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we're taking a live look at the u.s. capitol. it's been a while since we've seen this much of it. they're almost done with the scaffolding and safety netting. the multi-year restoration project is just about done. the capitol rotunda is again open to vi it includes eight large paintings and statues all reported to the history of the united states. police in houston are looking for a man who assaulted store clerks after they tried to stop him from stealing boxes of cigarettes. the video shows the man swipes the cigarettes before heading to the exit. the clerk tries to stop him. police say he punched the victim and put his forearm to her throat. a second clerk tried to stop him. that's when the suspect bit her.
3:44 am
singer chris brown is alleging he was framed by the woman accusing him of pointing a gun at her. >> brown was arrested last week after being deadlocked with the lapd for nine hours. now his attorneys telling abc the woman fabricated the entire story. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: new allegations in the chris brown saga. this time the singer claiming he's the victim of a setup. >> i cannot wait until the truth comes to light about this incident and situation. >> reporter: brown seen in this video proved abc news says he is innocent. >> two females crying and asking for help. >> reporter: it was last tuesday morning. police responded to a 9-1-1 call from former beauty queen bailey curran who later told abc news she was in brown's home with a dozen others looking at a box of expensive diamond jewelry when brown suddenly lashed out at
3:45 am
said, i'm so sick of all of you people. took the gun out like this, put it in my face and said get the f out. >> reporter: but brown's defense team is refuting that sharing text message reading this freak, chris brown is kicking me out of his house because i called his friend's jewelry fake. i'm going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me, and that will teach him a lesson. i'm going to set his up. >> there was a search that was done. they went in and she said that there was a gun. as far as i know the gun was not found in the house. >> reporter: brown's accuser is standing by her claim, stressing it wouldn't make sense for her to give her phone to police if she'd written that text herself. as for brown who hasn't been formally charged, he's due back in court in two weeks. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. coming up, one of hollywood's brightest stars discusses his portrayal of one
3:46 am
>> tom hanks on sully sullenberger.
3:47 am
3:48 am
we are t minus one day from the release of one of the year's most anticipated movies. >> i saw it already. >> you did? >> i loved it. tom hanks played the real life pilot who flawlessly landed the jetliner on the hudson river, saving 155 lives. >> he sat down with robin roberts on good good morning who incidentally was the second caller to 911 reporting the plane in distress.
3:49 am
plane flying low over the skyline. what did you think? >> i thought 9/11. >> and look what happened instead. i think the amazing thing about the movie is what was avoided. new york city and america did not need to see another wrecked plane. >> and new york city needed a story like this. >> it was good timing. >> it was great timing. can i just -- the mustache? >> that scary thing? >> that mustache you wore, how did rita, your wonderful wife -- >> my wife is so sick of the mustache era of my career. it's like the first question she she says, does this mean you're going to have to grow facial hair again? and i say, first of all, calm down, secondly, the good news, it will be painted white every day. there's advantages to this. >> it looked great. >> thanks. >> i follow you on social media. you're like a lost and found. if i lose anything, i want you -- gloves and i.d. >> yes. >> what is up with that? >> i actually -- it's kind of like a comment on our transient
3:50 am
here, but i took a picture of a spatula in times square, and i thought who loses this in times square? there's a story behind that. it's a mystery that i must solve. i have to get to it. >> you have to get to the bottom of it. you know who we have coming up? meg ryan. >> you came this close to having america's sweethearts reunited on "good morning america." who books this show? there's meg now -- i love you, sweetie. i love you! i i'll find you. i'll wait for you. whatever -- meet you in the park. let's have hot dogs at that thing by the place with the deal and we'll get to know each other again. look at her. fantastic. >> if you need a spatula -- >> i'll meet you at the spatula. can i just point out something? this is so surreal. you see that bubba gump shrimp company right back there? >> yes.
3:51 am
cashed unemployment checks. if you had told me in 1977 where i'm trying to cash $47 in a check from someone who doesn't want to give me the cash, i wish i could have said, hey, this is going to be a restaurant based on my movie. >> that's right. >> for crying out loud. come on, everybody. let's go get free appetizers on me. i'll meet you over there. >> he is like a box of chocolates. i'm telling you. surprise, surprise, surprise. our love to rita and everyone. thank you, tom. >> thank you very much. >> can we put him on the payroll and have him here? >> get rid of the guy with the gap in his teeth and i'll come in every day. oh, sorry. okay. could somebody not tell me that he's here? for crying out loud. >> i'm here. >> that's it. i'm taking over the pyramid. we'll be right back. >> i love him. i interviewed him and sully last week.
3:52 am
he meets them, shakes their hand and says we're going to take a few liberties, but that's okay. we'll do you proud. >> all right. we'll be back. hd-5-1490 hd-5-1490 hanneling them back into the core giving you the best protection at home and on-the-go
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? ? do you know what? it's not every day that you see a >> no, but today is the day. >> he's not even walking or crawling, but his father says he's the youngest water skier in the world. and here's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: most kids crawl before they walk. this kid skis before he crawls. that's 6-month-old auburn abshur skiing on a lake over the weekend. his parents claim he's now the
3:56 am
ask beating out this florida kid who was six months 27 days may. auburn is six months 10 days old in his video. this australia yan kid was a day younger than auburn in this video from the weekend. records aside, many people are ripping auburn's parents online. what they should care about is the safety of their child instead of a record. another says, this is straight-up child endangerment and both parents should be charged. some are coming to the parents' defense. i think thisid parents for teaching him to ski. in the video you see the mom running alongside him the entire time. auburn's dad says they took every precaution necessary to keep him safe and they would not have done it if he was not ready. he got ready by practicing in the living room, according to pictures and videos the family posted on facebook. this video shows him taking a tumble during one of the practice sessions.
3:57 am
>> thanks. before we go, you have a chance to shine and brag. if you missed it, yesterday diane stepped up with this shot. look at that. now, jack didn't even move that can. she got it in one. i will add that she was not very gracious after it was, it was like in your face, nick. >> yeah. i'll have to work on my humble face, but no one was more surprised than i was. i had no idea that was going to go in. player in college? >> i'm 5'3". no. couldn't even finish the question without laughing. i did play lacrosse, but i i did play la crosse, but i don't think that helps with paper tosses into trash cans. maybe the beer pong. >> remember to follow us on facebook. beer ping.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the presidential candidates in some sharp exchanges as they focus on the crucial battleground states. tonight hillary clinton and donald trump get a chance to talk national security in back-to-back tv appearances. breaking overnight, murder suspect recaptured back in custody this morning after days on the run in the las vegas area. tough talk and a warning from the coach of the u.s. hockey team about to head to a big international tournament. his players are now being told, do not protest the national anthem. and cha-ching, a hefty golden nugget found in the golden state. coming up, the reason experts say more pieces like this could be found. a good wednesday morning,


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